Chable Yucatan

A stunning mix of traditional materials and contemporary design, the team behind Chable was smart enough to realize how strong the raw materials they had to work with were, and got out of the way.

Six Senses Douro Valley

My kind of place: a calm, soothing palette accented by authentic touches. Six Senses Douro Valley is smart enough to realize that the landscape is so stunning, loading the interior up with a vibrant color scheme would be gilding the lily a bit.


Even at their price point, you’d never be afraid to wear anything from Merci on a daily basis - they’re not goods for special occasions, but instead purchases that make every day special.

Villa Vager

I legit don’t even want to tell you about Villa Vager - it’s only got nine suites and it’s the kind of gem I’d like to keep all to myself.

HOWEVER. I’m feeling generous, and I found Nikolaos and Marina, the husband and wife team who own the place, to be so kind and welcoming, that I feel compelled to share it with you.

Rosewood Washington DC

Easily the best thing about the Rosewood Washington DC is the rooftop deck – shaded, with comfortable couches for lounging and café tables for working or drinks.  There’s a small infinity pool tucked away on one side – far enough from the couches to provide privacy in both areas. 


We spent four nights at the property and I could have happily stayed there for weeks…our room was incredibly comfortable, the food was healthy and delicious, and the pool was unbelievable. I’d love our next visit to be in winter…

How To Make The Edit

Let me introduce myself. I’m Kate Sullivan, luxury travel advisor.

In the course of doing my job (and traveling personally for fun and research), I encounter all kinds of cool stuff - cool hotels, cool restaurants, cool bars, cool shops, cool experiences, cool people.

It seemed somehow greedy to be collecting all this information and not sharing it with anyone else.