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Unico 20 87

Unico 20 87


Unico 20 87

Carretera Federal 307, Chetumal-Puerto Juarez, Solidaridad 77710, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Tel: +52 984 875 7700

Aesthetics: 10/10

Gorgeous combination of authentically Mexican (many of the furnishings and accents are locally sourced) while also exhibiting modern, clean lines.

Comfort: 10/10

Not only is all of the furniture super comfortable, but the level of specificity and personal attention is extremely high - at check-in, you’ll be asked to choose a scent from their signature blends that will then be incorporated into your bath products, room scent, etc. Sensitive to fragrance? Unico has “pure” rooms specially designed for you.

Food: 9/10

Exceptionally good. Like, not just “good for an all-inclusive,” but generally terrific. I eat out A LOT at home in DC, and each of Unico’s restaurants could hold their own with our dining scene. As with the rooms, this resort is particularly well-suited for people with food allergies. If you’re gluten-free and have a hard time finding resorts that can cater to your needs, this is the place for you.

Bar: 9/10

BUMPING. (Is that not a word the kids use these days?) The bar scene at Unico is hopping, both indoor and out, but the rooms are blessedly quiet regardless. If you have a mixed group of partiers and those who’d rather just chill, Unico caters to both groups equally well.

Spa: 10/10

The spa services at Unico were terrific, and the space is soothing and delightful (the gym is also one of the best hotel fitness centers I’ve seen - a full wall of windows allows you to easily zone out on the cardio machines). What earns Unico a perfect 10, though, is the fact that a large number of their treatments fall into the “unlimited inclusion” category, which means you pay only 25% of the rack rate (plus tip), meaning you can go the spa EVERY DAY.

Service: 10/10

Truly stellar…one of my favorite things about Unico, as opposed to many other resorts in the area, is that their staff are full-time employees rather than hired on temporary contracts.

Price Point:


Worth Going Out Of Your Way For:

For sure…not that it IS super out of the way: fly into Cancun, then relax for 90 minutes while the pre-arranged shuttle picks you up directly at the airport and deposits you at the resort while you drink a cerveza on the way.

I literally can’t wait to get back here.

I literally can’t wait to get back here.

Bathtubs on the terrace admittedly not for the timid.

Bathtubs on the terrace admittedly not for the timid.

I was once one of those unbearable types who looked down upon people who went to all-inclusive resorts as unimaginative and boring. Then I got a job where I worked a bazillion hours a week and began to understand that sometimes all you want is total pampering and relaxation and to think as little as possible. But I was only partially convinced about all-inclusives.

Then I went to Unico 20 87. I will freely admit that my initial trip there was comped by the resort as part of a research trip (we also visited the Hard Rock Riveria Maya and Hard Rock Cancun, so it wasn’t all spa treatments and fancy dinners). I hadn’t even left Unico when I started scheming how to get my husband down there for another trip.

I guess “the all-inclusive for people who think they don’t like all-inclusives” is a little long for a tagline, but it fits.

While You’re In The Area:

Unico offers, as part of their “unlimited inclusions,” guided tours to Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Coba, as well as experiences like swimming with dolphins and snorkeling. If you feel inclined to leave your pool chair (I wasn’t), there are a ton of options. Feel like exploring on your own? Tulum is about a 30-minute cab ride from the resort; head down to a beach club there and catch that bachelorette party vibe.

Don’t Take Our Word For It:

They are all about introducing you to modern Mexico and immersing you in it’s rustic & contemporary charm. Many of the materials for the decor are sourced from within the area and everything was designed with extreme attention to detail,”

with secluded plunge pools, private decks, pop-up bars, live artistic demos and something scheduled practically every 10 minutes, this expansive property goes after the luxury crowd who are not shy to spend their money on finery and personalised service, provided it’s worth it,”

the aesthetic at UNICO 20.87 is nothing short of stunning: it’s a Restoration Hardware meets beachside spa, with a calming color palette of white, sand, and dark wood.”


I was invited to visit the property; my next (fully paid) visit is scheduled for January 2019.

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