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Always In Our Bags: Aday

Always In Our Bags: Aday

I’m wearing one right now, as it happens! [Evergreen comment ;)]

I’m wearing one right now, as it happens! [Evergreen comment ;)]

Hello All!

As I pack for my next trip, it occurs to me that there are certain superstars that make it into every. single. suitcase. And that I should shine a little love on the items that make my vagabond life easier. (No affiliate links here, no #ad, just good, old-fashioned love.)

Today’s spotlight? On ADAY, a technical women’s wear company and more specifically, their Dream Harder Tank.

It is no exaggeration to say that I wear one of these tanks at least three times a week. I own eight, in three different colors, and have just ordered three more.

My first black Dream Harder Tanks were acquired in August TWO THOUSAND SIXTEEN and they are just now approaching the point where they need to be recycled. Speaking of recycling, all I have to do is email ADAY and they’ll send me a prepaid shipping label to mail them back to the company for responsible disposal, and they’ll give me a $5 credit for doing so.

Why do I love them so? What makes them a staple in my suitcase?

  1. The material is a super-thin, lightweight fabric so the entire thing rolls up to be about the size of a cigar. (If you’re folding, not rolling, we gotta have a chat about that.)

  2. Wrinkle-resistant. I’m perpetually rumpled under the best of circumstances, so this is a huge help.

  3. Quick-drying. (I’m an inveterate sink washer.)

  4. Versatile; I’ve worn these in the following situations: on a plane, in a meeting, at yoga class, just bumming around. They layer extremely well.

  5. The cut is body-skimming, but not tight. Y’all know what I mean here.

So there you have it - the very first thing I grab every time I pack.

My only question is, exactly how many Dream Harder Tanks do I put in this particular suitcase?

Chable Yucatan

Chable Yucatan