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111 Blvd Beaumarchais, Paris, France 75003

Tel: +33 1 42 77 00 33


brand selection:

Xirena, Samsoe Samsoe, Forte Forte, Masscob, Pas de Calais, Oseanna, Shaft Jeans, C.T. Plage by CT Plage

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Eclectic, cerebral, rich - in other words, French

Worth Going Out Of Your Way For:

If by “going out of your way” you mean “go to Paris specifically to go there,” then, yes.

IMG_1817 2.JPG

Literally, upon arriving in Paris, the first thing I do after checking into my hotel, is navigate my way through the twisted streets of the Marais to Merci. I generally don’t even buy that much - the clothing isn’t really to my taste and the price point is a touch higher than I typically spend - but there’s always some small delight waiting for me there.

Women’s clothing, men’s clothing, jewelry, housewares, stationery, gardening implements, a treasure trove of gorgeous-smelling bath products - Merci is a true concept store. Not defined by category of good, but rather by a cohesive vision of contrast: refined, but down-to-earth; elegant, but not precious. Even at their price point, you’d never be afraid to wear anything from Merci on a daily basis - they’re not goods for special occasions, but instead purchases that make every day special.

did we buy anything?:

Recent purchases include:

Don’t Take Our Word For It:

While the fashion seems nicely edited down, the housewares — from glassware and silverware to lighting, tables and chairs — are refreshingly wide-ranging…This wasn’t a pristine design shop that could pass for a gallery, where you feel as if you have to live up to the housewares you buy. For the first time, I could imagine that Jongerius vase in my apartment, which would not pass for a gallery.”

The well-curated selection of clothes, accessories, home goods, and just about anything else you might want draws savvy shoppers from around the globe. Keep an eye out for up-and-coming designers and labels, or go for Merci's own affordable in-house brand. Either way, you'll be hard-pressed to walk out empty-handed.”

The Lumiares

The Lumiares